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AboutAfrobeats Dance Boston

Afrobeats Dance Boston is a dance company that focuses on Contemporary African music (African Pop Music). Afrobeats is a catch-all term created by a DJ from the United Kingdom but reflects a current Pan African spirit and movement towards Africa. 

We were created from this very spirit and our name represents the momentum and energy of the community.


Afrobeats is infused with both the music and dance of Ghana, Nigeria, Angola, Congo, Senegal, Black America, and so many other regions of the diaspora.

Afrobeats as a genre radiates throughout our people. 

Afrobeats Dance Boston holds regularly scheduled dance classes, hosts guest instructors from around the world and hosts an Afrobeats party. 

We have classes for beginners (all levels!) and an internal unit prepared for different event and performance inquiries.

Classes involve learning technical skills and fundamental movement. Our focus is learning, teaching, and performing Afrobeats dance styles as we connect ourselves to the spirit of Africa, and the joy that comes from it. We also develop and build core strength, stamina, rhythmic sensibility, and most importantly build community.

We build community and communal fun in a way that is accessible to the people.

Afrobeats Dance Boston
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