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Drop in and learn Afro-technique and African street styles with Afrobeats Dance Boston! Classes involve learning technical skills and fundamental movement by learning a choreographed routine. Afrobeats is a catch-all term for the various Afro-pop and fusion music that has modernized and transformed within Africa and has caught the hearts of the diaspora. And so, Afrobeats has become the name of the dance and rhythmic technique.


ABDB classes develop and build core strength, stamina, rhythmic sensibility, and most importantly build community. Class is an intermediate level class.

Class Registration

Register and pay for classes through Eventbrite.


Our primary goal is to build community and spread our love of Afrobeats music and dance. Our Community Classes are affordable and serve as a safe place for dancers to learn the craft and have fun doing it!

Classes are intermediate level, and are $15 for adults. Kids 14 and under dance for FREE!


We regularly host national and international Afrobeats artists right here in Boston! Train with some of the hottest Afrobeats dancers and choreographers around! 

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