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Our mission is three-fold and is rooted in an everlasting love with the African diaspora and community.

  1. Our company seeks to hold accessible and affordable classes for kids and adults in African dance and culture that was stolen from descendants of Africans and is further withheld due to the inaccessible studio availability in our communities. 

  2. Our company attracts, trains, and mentors dancers in Afro dance and street styles as they seek to develop their art form while also promoting self-respect, discipline, responsibility, and physical activity. 

  3. Our company hosts and participates in events that continue the same mission of community building in the form of parties (Afrobeats Takeover) and other events.


Afrobeats Dance Boston launched in May of 2017 by founder and past Executive Director: Chidinma ‘Chi-Chi’ Osuagwu. With the support of the Haley House, Suya Joint, Alexander Magnolia Co-Op, Spontaneous Celebrations, and the City School, ABDB was able to host a kick-off weekend on June 16th, 2017 and hold classes at rotating locations in the Boston community. Charnice Charmant became critical leadership and Creative Director as ABDB expanded to include an internal unit of dancers. ABDB held its first auditions in March of 2018. 


As classes continued future leadership began to arise and become a part of Afrobeats Dance Boston, notably, current CFO: Cynthia Odiah, Director of Public Relations and Media: Dominique Thelismond and part owner: Lakeisha St. Joy. 


ABDB's first guest instructor was Afro-Movement leader and instructor SayRah Chips in July of 2017. Since then ABDB has hosted other Afro-Movement Titans including: Ezinne Asinugo, Queendom Empire, Meka Oku, Izzy Odigie, and many others.

Afrobeats Dance Boston expanded again in the entertainment sector to include a joint partnership with Good Life Nightclub in Boston, MA and hosts a monthly Afrobeats Takeover night event. 


Afrobeats Dance Boston has collaborated with Boston Afro Organizations and events including: Super Smash Bros, Afrique Events LLC, and has performed at weddings, showers, traditional events, concerts, schools, and more.


Afrobeats Dance Boston became a limited liability corporation in the state of Massachusetts in February of 2020.

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